How Phone Call Tracking Works

1. Activate one or more numbers with Call Stage and place them on your ads, whether online, TV, newspaper, radio, etc.

2. Our tracking number(s) will route calls directly to your office line or to any other number.

3. Simply login to your Call Stage account online from any computer to see how many calls your ad is getting and view many more facts and statistics about each caller.

4. After you have reviewed the amount of calls on one or more of your tracking numbers you can determine whether or not it was a successful ad. Now it's an easy decision to try a new design or advertise your products/services elsewhere. You can optimize, improve, and then run another ad and review the data next month.

Start Tracking How Well Your Ads Perform

At Call Stage, we utilize the most advanced technology in call tracking to provide you with the most accurate, detailed information about each cost per lead (CPL). In this way, you can use this information to better craft your messaging and overall marketing campaign to better generate leads at a lower price.

How Call Tracking Saves You Money

After you’ve activated a number with Call Stage, our tracking number will route and record calls directly to your office line. Simply log into your Call Stage account from any computer to see how well your ad is performing based on the number of calls it is getting in addition to valuable insight about each recorded caller. After review, you’ll be better able to determine which of your ads is successful and design your marketing campaign to reflect changes based on that information

Easy-to-Use Process

Step 1 // Activate Number

Step 1 // Activate Numbers

Sign up for Call Stage tracking numbers and place them in your advertising efforts (website, print, mailers, radio, etc.). This number will forward to your local office number or cell phone.

Step 2 // Review Calls

Step 2 // Review Calls

Log on to our call tracking service to see how many phone calls you received from every ad and how well your advertising is performing overall. Every call is recorded. Call recording makes it easy to qualify leads, coach your staff, and improve customer service. Easily review and annotate your phone calls.

Step 3 // Improve Marketing

Step 3 // Save Money

Decide which of your ads is underperforming. From there, you can make solid marketing decisions and make adjustments accordingly to help lower your CPL and save you money!

Start Using Our Call Tracking Service Today by Contacting Us and See for Yourself How It Can Make a Significant Difference in Your Marketing Campaign!


"I have used several call tracking services over the years. CallStage provides one of the simplest, cleanest and most effective interfaces. Many call tracking services will not filter out duplicate calls, thus padding the real number. For me, it is critical to know exactly how many unique callers an ad generates. Plus, I have access to more advanced features that are typically not available through other services that I have used."
— Megan Lee
“I have been using call tracking for some time now and I can honestly say that it has made my decision to keep or cut certain media channels or publications based on how many calls my business received each month. With CallStage I can easily login at any computer and see how many calls my current ads have received.”
— Craig Peterson
“I have 12 different tracking numbers set up with CallStage, and each of them is on a different advertising piece. I am able to make quick decisions about upcoming marketing plans based on the number of phone calls that came in on each media. Spending money in marketing is not cheap, and CallStage is an affordable solution that helps me make better decisions with my marketing budget."
— Dr. Eric Lee
"Previously we tracked our marketing efforts only through front desk tracking. Since we have implemented CallStage, we have identified and fixed several holes in our process that have already netted thousands of dollars in additional revenue. Without CallStage we would have never noticed these small cracks in our phone handling process. Additionaly, our trainings are improved as we can now review calls and make real time changes. Instead of relying on an imperfect spreadhseet, we now have real-time, actionable, & unbiased data. CallStage is a no-brainer!"
— Michael Carbone
"Call tracking has changed my practice. Now I can count the number of calls that CallStage has logged and then divide that by the amount of money that I spent in marketing. Knowing the cost that it takes to get one lead has helped me tremendously to improve my advertising results. I also like the FREE call recording that is part of the system. I can listen to all of the calls and train my staff to do a better job on the phones."
— Dr. T.J. Poelking