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Call Stage was designed and programmed to help business owners and marketing professionals make better decisions with their advertising based on knowing exactly how well their ads work.

We believe in outstanding customer service and have a determination to make sure that all of our clients are happy with this product. Our system is fast and designed to be a reliable asset to every business that advertises. You and your business will not be disappointed with Call Stage, the choice in call tracking companies.

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“I have been using call tracking for some time now and I can honestly say that it has made my decision to keep or cut certain papers or print publications based on how many calls my business received each month. With Call Stage I can easily login at any computer and see how many calls my newspaper ads have received.”
— Craig Peterson
“I have 12 different tracking numbers set up with Call Stage and each of them is on a different advertising piece. I am able to make quick decisions about upcoming marketing plans based on the number of phone calls that came in on each media”. "Spending money in marketing is not cheap, Call Stage is an affordable solution to help me make better decisions with my marketing budget".
— Dr Eric Lee
"Call tracking has changed my practice.  Now I can count the number of calls that Call Stage has logged and then divide that by the amount of money that I spent in marketing. Knowing the cost that it takes to get one lead has helped me tremendously to improve my advertising results. I also like the FREE call recording that is part of the system. I can listen to all of the calls and train my staff to do a better job on the phones."
— Dr. T.J. Poelking